Teacher Empowerment

Education has been highly disrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through our research, we could see that many teachers, particularly those in the rural areas of Indonesia, are not well equipped and adaptable to the changes. The new method to teach digitally are very new and difficult for these teachers. They do not have sufficient equipments, digital literacy skills, and are having difficulties to adapt. This significant change is causing a significant reduction of learning activities, drops in students’ retention, and critical learning loss.

Hoshizora Teacher Empowerment Program is a set of activities to develop the skills and capabilities of teachers in rural areas in Indonesia so that they are able still provide lessons to students despite the COVID-19 crisis. It comprises comprehensive online learning activities, mentoring, peer-to-peer collaboration through Hoshizora’s platform, as well as continuous monitoring and evaluation activities. In line with the program, we also provide technology and internet support, to enable the teachers to conduct distant and hybrid learning



Cakap Pengajar (Educators Dialogue) is one of Hoshizora's "Teacher Empowerment Program" activities. It is aimed to bring together teachers and education experts to discuss key issues and emerging topics in education. The two-way dialogue is arranged to explore potential solutions which can be implemented by teacher participants in their respective areas.


Selasar Pendidik Hebat (Educators Platform) is a core part of Hoshizora Teacher Empowerment Program. It is a continuous training program for teachers using specific curriculums. Teacher participants are getting sets of skills and knowledge about the latest teaching methodologies, adaptive and contextual learning, classroom management, digital skills, as well as teachers' well-being..


Hoshizora Teacher Summit is a national conference where we bring education stakeholders (experts, policy makers, researchers) and teachers into a continuous several days summit to share knowledge, experience, and education best practice. The summit also serves as a networking session which opens up opportunities and collaborations.


For the impact calculation we estimate that one teacher brings positive impact to 10 other teachers and 30 students annually. From 2020, the impact number is as follows:


Teachers Participated


Teachers Impacted


Students Impacted


Total number of individuals


Ibu Ernawati

Koordinator Wilayah

“Bangga dan bahagia selaku korwil bisa diberi kesempatan dan bergabung dengan guru-guru super se-Indonesia dalam Selasar Pendidik Hebat.”


Ibu Siti

Peserta Workshop Cakap Pengajar

“Acara berlangsung menarik karena selain mendapat materi, kami juga mendapat teman dan bisa melakukan simulasi langsung.”

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