Foster Sibling


Foster Sibling (Kakak Bintang)

The Foster Sibling Program is Hoshizora Foundation’s main program. Through this program, you can become a foster sibling who provides educational support for Indonesian children. “Kakak Bintang” is the name given to donors, and “Adik Bintang” is what we call the children who receive scholarships.

Donations from foster siblings will be used to support their sibling’s education cost (e.g. school cost, uniform, books) and non-school affiliated skill building activities through Hoshizora’s curriculum and programs.

Adik Bintang

Adik Bintang are children who receive educational support from foster siblings through the Foster Sibling Program. They are students who have great academic and extracurricular achievement but are facing financial difficulty.

Adik Bintang of Hoshizora Foundation comes from many education level (elementary, middle school, high-school, and college level )

Not Only Scholarship!

In addition to providing financial support, Kakak Bintang are encouraged to interact and communicate with their Adik Bintang, so they can also contribute to the mental and social development of their Adik Bintang. Hoshizora monitors the academic scores of Adik Bintang and will report the progress of every Adik Bintang’s achievement to their respective Kakak Bintang each semester.

Donation Commitment

  • Amount of donation : minimum is IDR 100.000 ( 12 USD atau 1000 JPY) /month
  • Time period : 1 year minimum
  • Grantee : elementary-high school student

Donations will be granted to Indonesian children with big dreams, great academic achievement, and high motivation to succeed, despite their harsh financial situation. Donations should only be used for education fees such as school tuition, uniforms, books, and etc.

Donation commitments based on the following levels:

Elementary Rp.100.000/bln $12/month 1000 yen/month
Middle School Rp.150.000/bln $18/month 1500 yen/month
High School Rp.200.000/bln $24/month 2000 yen/month


Kakak Bintang can actively participate in the development of our Adik Bintang through letters, video messages, and even a home visit if they choose to. Hoshizora Foundation acts as a bridge of communication between this relationship.

Handbook Kakak Bintang

This Handbook contains informations related to Kakak Bintang Sibling’s Programs. Please kindly take a look and if you have further questions feel free to contact us at

Our helping hand can provide them a future… Support Indonesian children and their dreams… Join us by being a Foster Sibling!

How to join

1. Fill in the Registration Form

Register here

2. Hoshizora Foundation will send a verification code to your email (to make sure it is not spam), proceed to fill the form with your actual data.

3. You will receive a list of profiles of Adik Bintang as soon as possible. You will be given the opportunity to either choose your sibling by yourself or let Hoshizora help you find the right sibling.

4. Transfer your donation to our bank number through one of the following: BRI, BNI, BCA, Mandiri, CIMB Niaga SYariah, SMBC, US Bank, or Paypal.
[see our bank number]

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