Adik Bintang Self-Development Programs

These programs give more inspired, focused, and structured assistance for Adik Bintang based on our arranged curriculum.


  1. To facilitate every child’s search for their potential and help their development as much as possible.
  2. To inspire every child to discover their dreams and help them reach it via a proper education.
  3. To help every child foster a self-confident, fundamental, and positive perception of their future so that they can be a productive citizen and contribute for a better world.

Social Impact

  1. Adik Bintang will have good self-confidence, fundamental values, and a positive attitude.
  2. Adik Bintang will have explored his/her self-potential and have developed in experience and maturity through development programs and accompaniment.
  3. Adik Bintang will become motivated and inspired enough to keep fighting to achieve their dreams.
  4. Adik Bintang will be able to take care of themselves and furthermore, support their family.
  5. The growth of awareness and increase in community proactiveness to advance Indonesian education.

1. Research and Build Adik Bintang Curriculum

In this initial phase, we conduct surveys relating to the current condition of Adik Bintang, also formulating a development curriculum based on the Adik Bintang’s level of education. With this curriculum, we hope that every Adik Bintang will receive standardized and appropriately measured development programs.

2. Visiting and Mentoring Adik Bintang

Our Adik Bintang selection process also consists of a home visit with the purpose to not only verify the data, but to also get to know the family of the Adik Bintang personally. Outside of that, we also do regular visits, in which we accompany the Kakak Bintang to visit their Adik Bintang, and mentoring, which is based on need.

3. Adik Bintang, Parents, and Teacher Briefing

All the new Adik Bintang are required to come to our given briefing. There, we present motivational speakers and try to influence Adik Bintang to dream big and think positively for their future. We also provide a similar briefing for their respective parents and teachers so that they can have the same perception and spirit needed to support their Adik Bintang.

4. Regional Coordinator Forum

The Regional Coordinator Forum is a forum used to build communication and appreciate the regional and school coordinators that directly mentor Adik Bintang. The purpose of this forum is to unite a general perception and motivation, in addition to sharing methods that go into developing Adik Bintang. We invite all Kakak Bintang to join this forum and share their story and motivations pertaining to their role as a foster brother and sister.

5. Hoshizora Forum

The Hoshizora Forum is our largest annual event, gathering all of Adik Bintang and the network of connections related to Hoshizora Foundation. In this event, we invite influential speakers that have had the same background as our Adik Bintang, which is one that consists of realizing one’s dreams and chance to be successful despite having to face difficulties in order to receive a proper education. Our hope is that this forum can furthermore inspire and motivate our Adik Bintang.

Additionally, the Hoshizora Forum is designed to explore the opportunities and grow the skills of the Adik Bintang. Throughout this forum, Adik Bintang will gain new knowledge on their future plans and how to make it truly happen. We give materials in according to their education.

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