Hoshizora Forum

HoshiZora Forum 8 – From Nothing Be Something

hoshiZora Community conducted its 8th hoshiZora Forum: “From Nothing Be Something,” on Sunday, March 6, 20011 at Pendopo Parasamya, Kompleks Pemda Bantul. hoshiZora Forum itself is a routine activity addressed to motivate yet to rise “Adik Bintang’s” enthusiam in order to keep on achieving. It can also be a gathering event for the members of

The hoshiZora Forum 7: Despite the limitation we have, together we can succeed!!

The biggest hoshiZora forum ever was held on Sunday, Sept 26th, 2010. 108 Adik Bintangs (hoshiZora children), 8 Kakak Bintangs (sponsors), volunteers, and several media participated, for a total of 170 participants. The event started at 8:30 am. The hoshiZora forum was started with an opening video and continued with a welcome speech from the