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Hoshizora Foundation’s origin began with very small steps in 2006. Hoshizora members (from Japan) would donate the cost of one meal to aid children’s education in Indonesia. Donations of that amount is equal to one month’s elementary school tuition in Indonesia.



It all started with several Indonesian students noticing the street child phenomenon occurring in their home country. These Indonesian students (who were studying in Japan) came together to strategize a concept that would give every Indonesian child access to a better, more affordable education. The differences in lifestyle between Japan and Indonesia made them realize that by being a little more frugal, they could help one Indonesian child go to school.

After this realization, they learned to save 1000 yen per month (a day’s worth of earnings) and sent it to Indonesia. These generous actions spread to inspire more people to do the same, until finally becoming large enough to inaugurate as an organization on May 2, 2006. Hoshizora launched their first Foster Sibling Program on their inaugural day, which also coincides with National Education day. The Foster Sibling Program creates a lasting relationship between a Foster Sibling (Kakak Bintang) and their little Sibling (Adik Bintang) in Indonesia.


Four years later, Hoshizora Foundation grew rapidly into a full-fledged non-governmental organization (NGO) located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Hoshizora annually gave the Mimpi Anak Negeri Scholarship to Indonesian children who had high achievement and learning motivation, but faced financial difficulty.


For The Children, For A Better World

We envision a world in which all children have access to an education, and realize their full potential, creating a better world to live in.


1.  To ensure education for children because the members of hoshiZora believe that education is the foundation of a better life.

2. To facilitate children’s discovery of their potential and their development to the fullest.

3. To inspire and help children find their dreams and make them into a reality through education.

4. To instill confident, positive, and hopeful mindsets within children, and teaching them to become proud, productive citizens who make beneficial contributions to society in the future.

5. To promote social awareness where people can come together, hand in hand, to help the less fortunate children in the world.

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